ICM 2022 satellite conference
Modern Trends in Representation Theory
18-22 July 2022, Altai Republic, Chemal district
The conference "Modern Trends in Representation Theory - Altai 2022" will take place in the picturesque mountain region of Altai Republic, located about 900 kilometers from Novosibirsk.
Update: Due to global uncertainty and multiple risks of varying nature, the conference will be held remotely via Zoom.
Registration form is available here.
The topics of the conference include but not limited to classical representation theory of Lie algebras and Lie groups, geometric representation theory, quantum groups, geometric quantization and integrable systems, cohomology of groups and algebras, algebraic invariant theory, vertex algebras, low-dimensional topology.
Scientific scope
Nowadays, representation theory plays an outstanding role in modern mathematical research. It connects several areas of mathematics and provides the rigorous base of important theories in physics. The following subjects are planned to be discussed in the talks of the conference: classical representation theory of Lie algebras and Lie groups, quantum groups, Lie superalgebras, W-algebras, symplectic geometry, Poisson algebras, geometric quantization and integrable systems, cohomology of groups and algebras, algebraic invariant theory, Springer correspondence and modular Springer correspondence, vertex algebras and Poisson vertex algebras, low-dimensional topology, category theory, geometric representation theory, applications of representation theory in enumerative geometry, and more.

Due to the wide range of applications of representation theory, professional meetings that cover the topics listed above are in great demand by the global mathematical research community. Besides the importance of the proposed meeting, its uniqueness lies in the unexplored range of potential new collaborations that it will open to the participants of the conference. The meeting will help to raise mutually beneficial professional connections between the international specialists and the mathematicians working in the Siberian Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences. The local organizing committee, Novosibirsk State University and Mathematical Center in Akademgorodok, accumulated the decades of traditions of organizing international conferences in different areas of mathematics all over the very wide geographical region of Siberia.

Keynote Speakers
Carina Boyallian
National University of Córdoba, Argentina
Università di Roma, La Sapienza, Italy
University of Texas at Arlington, USA
North Carolina State University, USA
Australian National University, Australia
University of Oregon, USA
University of Ottawa, Canada
University of California Berkeley, USA
Peng Shan
Qinghua University, China
Rheinische Friedrich-Wilhelms-Universität Bonn, Germany
University of Sydney, Australia
Visa Information
1. Every registered ICM participant can apply for visa-free entry.

2. All information will be available in Personal Account on the official ICM webpage (https://icm2022.org/). After Personal Account creation in your Profile there will be an option "VISA-FREE ENTRY", where you can apply for it. Please, note that this feature will be available later.

3. An application for visa-free entry is possible approx. on December 1st. Early applications are subject to a discount.

4. The final decision on approving or denying of visa-free entry will be accepted by Russian executive authorities after personal data checking. As soon as all necessary data is uploaded the faster visa-free status will be issued.

5. Category "Accompanying person" includes everybody, who will accompany ICM Delegate. The decision approving or denying of visa-free entry will be also accepted by Russian executive authorities after personal data checking.
Max. amount of accompanying persons to apply for visa-free entry is 4.

Financial Support
Grants for ICM satellite participants:

1. The American Mathematical Society (AMS) announced travel-grant support to enable mathematicians from the US to participate in the in the range of ICM activities, including the satellite conferences. More information at https://www.ams.org/programs/travel-grants/icm

2. Other ICM-related funding opportunities, including the Kovalevskaya Grants for early career participants from the developed countries, are listed at https://icm2022.org/grants

3. Depending on the funds available, we will support participation of selected young participants from Russia and neighboring countries. To submit an application for financial support please fill in the following Google Form.
If Google Forms are not available for you, then feel free to send your application by e-mail: rtc@math.nsc.ru
Please mention "Altai-2022" in the subject line and make sure the following information is included:
  • Personal details (full name, year of birth, gender, country of residence, nationality, affiliation)
  • Contact e-mail
  • A list of at most 5 essential publications
  • The name with e-mail of the head of a department of the applicant's institution
Please attach the following papers in PDF format:
  • A curriculum vitae (max. 4 pages)
  • Publication list and/or a statement describing the doctoral research
  • A letter of reference (e.g., from the doctoral advisor).
The applications have to be submitted by Jan 30, 2022.
The selection procedure and notification of participants is due Apr 1, 2022.
Organizing Committee
  • Kevin Coulembier (Univ. Sydney, Australia)
  • Vyacheslav Futorny (USP, Brasil)
  • Natasha Rozhkovskaya (Kansas State Univ., USA)
  • Pavel Kolesnikov (NSU, Russia)
Supported by
Contact person
Pavel Kolesnikov (NSU, Russia), pavelsk@math.nsc.ru
Supported by Mathematical Center in Akademgorodok under agreement No. 075-15-2019-1675 with the Ministry of Science and Higher Education of the Russian Federation