The Kourovka notebook is the collection of open problems in group theory which has been published every two to four years at Sobolev Institute of Mathematics since 1965. More than fifty years the Kourovka notebook has served as a unique means of communication for researchers in group theory and related topics. Solutions of many problems from the Kourovka notebook led to significant advances in various areas of group theory and related fields of mathematics.

The series of online seminars entitled "Kourovka forum" is an additional feature of the Kourovka notebook. By this series of seminars we would like to clarify the most promising research directions in group theory and, more globally, algebra, along with other fields of mathematics where they are applied. We believe that clear formulations of the most intriguing problems help young researchers to focus their efforts and may give them a higher chance of achieving bright mathematical results.

The seminar is to be held online via Zoom once every two weeks, on Thursdays. The speakers are selected and invited by the program committee of the series. The schedule and the abstracts of the talks are available here.

The link to the Zoom meeting: